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Creating a beautiful and user-friendly interface for a mobile application that allows radio broadcasts on the go.



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Visual Design
UX & UI Design

When On-hertz came to us, we immediately knew this would be one of the most fascinating projects of the year. On-Hertz created a prototype of what is now called Lumo. Lumo is a complete radio station in your backpack, allowing radio presenters to run an entire show from any touch-enabled laptop or iPad.
On-Hertz asked for our help to optimise the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). Not the easiest of tasks considering any mistake made because of the interface could lead to hundreds of thousands of people hearing it in on their favourite radio show.

Evidently we are no radio makers, and though some of us dable with audio in their spare time, almost all of the domain knowledge was in the client’s head.

So to inject our design expertise to the project, we hosted several research & sketching sessions to flesh out the perfect interface. The goal was not only to make it extremely intuitive and user-friendly but also to prevent any user errors.

After filling the room up with sketches and paper prototypes, we continued on to creating style tiles, allowing the client to choose between several variatons on the interface. Next we matched up the new design system with the sketches to provide them with a slick interface to turn their proof of concept into a minimum viable product.

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