Mobile Vikings

A new & improved interface design system for the popular Belgian telecom operator.
What we did

UX & UI DesignDesign System


Mobile Vikings is a popular Telecom operator in Belgium that has gained a reputation for challenging the big players in terms of pricing and positioning.

However, their user interface design has become outdated over the past few years and requires a revamp.

As a result, Born Digital was tasked with creating a new design system for their online presence, and we were thrilled to take on this project and help them modernize their UI.


Our briefing was to stick to the Mobile Vikings' original visual identity as much as possible.

So, because we couldn't introduce new visual elements, we had to ensure the existing ones were used dynamically and flexibly.


The result is an entirely new design system for Mobile Vikings, which combines modern aesthetics with user-centric functionality. Our team spent a lot of time defining an overarching style and developing flexible and responsive components that can be easily adapted across web pages and mobile app screens.

As a result, we have achieved a cohesive design language that enhances the user experience and visually elevates the brand. This aligns with Mobile Vikings' commitment to excellence in every interaction.