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A playful but clear application that makes forecasting and demand planners' life easier through Artificial Intelligence.



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Garvis is a revolutionary SaaS company on a mission to create the world’s first Bionic Demand Planning system. They provide the planner with control of user-trainable, transparent AI to navigate the ever-changing ocean of real-world data and create accurate, explainable plans for the future.
They asked us to create a sleek visual identity and translate it to their application: a data-heavy platform that enables planners to create more accurate forecasts and demand planning with the help of AI.

Data tables and charts clarify the information presented and help users make insights and take action, but they can be challenging to design and build. By analysing a planner's needs and a deep dive into spreadsheet and data-processing applications, we translated this into a powerful AI-powered application.

Garvis wanted to stand out from the crowd by offering a clear, clean and usable user interface that also radiates their fresh and sleek branding. Not a straightforward task in a data-heavy platform like theirs. But the result is a contemporary yet functional application. On top of that, we also provided our client with stationery, presentation templates and a marketing website.

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