A distinctive, professional, yet fun design system for a Business Intelligence company.
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Agilos is a Belgian company founded in 2009 and has grown ever since. They turn businesses into intelligent companies by providing them with top-notch business insights and helping organizations improve their decision-making by converting data into a strategic asset.

We were asked to create a comprehensive visual identity with a complete design system and a new website.


Our briefing in one sentence: "Keep the logo, but everything else needs to change."

Initially, Agilos asked us to develop a new design system that could be applied to all their touch points, including their existing WordPress website. While WordPress has its merits, it also has limitations, especially when page builders are involved.

We firmly believe in scalable and flexible component-based design systems, which the current setup doesn't support.


Fortunately, Agilos trusted our approach and agreed to work the way we always do: design the best possible experience first, then pick the most suitable technology stack to build it.

We almost always opt for a Jamstack solution for this type of websites. The Jamstack offers an abundance of solutions, frameworks resulting in the flexibility and performance we require to supports and match our design process.

The front-end was built with React and Next.JS and we opted for Storyblok for the Content Management System because of its performance, stability and incredible ease of use that all of our clients come to love.