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View on navigation and header of 49/Meta's website

Kick-ass branding and website for Belgium’s trailblazer in the Web3 space.



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If you don't know what Web3 is, it's the next-level decentralised web that uses blockchain and other next-gen technologies to create a more secure and decentralised internet.
49/Meta is a pioneer in the Web3 space, and they asked us to help them craft their visual identity to showcase their innovation and dominance in this revolutionary field. We developed the most fire branding and built a website that met their goals and blew their minds. Slay!
Screenshot of part of the website that shows the benefits of working with 49/Meta

Crafting a brand and website for a Web3 company comes with some challenges. It’s a complex and rapidly evolving technology that takes some know-how to understand its technical details and how it works. It can be difficult to communicate the benefits clearly and understandably to the average person. And last but not least: there are many companies in the Web3 space, and it can be challenging to create a brand and website that stands out from the competition and captures the attention of potential users.

49/Meta logo
Mobile view of the benefits of working with 49/Meta
3D elements that are used in the branding

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