Nick DiLallo: the Copywriter who always finds the right words.

On 26 / 10 / 2023 / by Oriana Calemi

UX Writing smashingconf
Last week, I attended Smashingconf 2023 in Antwerp and had the chance to hear Nick Dilallo talk about UX writing. Nick is a copywriter and UX writer who has worked with brands like Airbnb, Apple, and Ikea.

Why does UX writing improve the User Experience?

Writing helps you and your interface approach people respectfully and guide them through your digital product. It reduces complications, gives people directions to their goals, and ensures that nobody feels disoriented, uncertain, or annoyed. All of this starts with designing a product from a point of view. 

Some Tips and tricks from the master itself:.  

1. Define your audience.

One of the most crucial aspects is understanding who you are writing for. Tailoring your message to the needs and preferences of your audience is the key to creating engaging content. Before you start writing, ask yourself and your audience more specific questions. What are they looking for? What are their interests? Where will they pay more attention to it? 

2. Choose good words.

Telling people exactly what they need to know at the right time is a great way to capture their attention and help them with their user experience. Simplifying your content by telling it only related information will help them a lot. However, it is not only about explaining something but also about adding emotions to your content.


The following is a neat example with three calls for action. They all point to the same action, but the only thing that changes is the way words feel.

3. Design your writing.

Your message must hit the bullseye. Highlight what matters by using big and bold text styles. They help readers navigate content. But keep it clean and relevant.

4. Find moments to add voice.

Your first few words should set the vibe, match your brand, and make your folks want to stick around. Whether it is a catchy headline or bold perspective, start strong and set the tone for what is next! 

You can have fun with writing too. Add humor and enthusiasm. Bring your text to life. Make sure you don't overdo this. Voice is not always necessary, so make sure you use it correctly. 

5. Your interface is your worldview.

Be inclusive and respectful to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, abilities, or sexual orientation. For instance, try to use a slider instead of a fixed age range. It prevents people from putting themselves into boxes and respects their individuality.


In addition, make content accessible, such as by using screen readers and alt-text. Simple acts had a significant impact.


6. What you do is more important than what you write.

Match your content with what you want to say or do. Keep this honest.

No tricks or false alarms. If you do not know, do not pretend. 


Here's an example: If you call it a 'Free trial', don't ask for the card info. If it's not truly free, ditch the word 'free'. Be straightforward and transparent.

I found Nick’s UX writing presentation genuinely interesting. It made me understand that every text must be thought through. Whether you're writing for digital products, print, or any other purpose.

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