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Helping a brilliant start-up reduce absenteeism at work with a fresh brand and pragmatic platform.


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At some point during their career, many people will have to deal with a temporary break due to physical or mental health problems. Track Abilities guides people back to work, with a strong belief in focusing on possibilities.
To do this on a larger scale, they understood the need for an online platform to set up appointments, have private and secure online meetings, document progress, and report to the people involved, like employers and HR services.

Turning these ambitions and requirements into a robust and secure platform within the given time- and budget limits was quite challenging, to say the least. That's why Track Abilities had envisioned creating its platform as an extension of an already existing platform that offered the basic functionalities they required. When it became clear that this wasn't as cost-effective as they'd hoped, we had to go back to the drawing board and devise a solution to create this platform on our own.

Luckily, our process allows for massive shifts like this, without having to redo almost anything. We always start from the problem and not the (technological) solution. And to us, that entails designing the best possible user experience and then building this experience using the most suitable technology for the job.

In this case, we built the platform based on the scheduling and video services offered by using React and Next.JS.

This allows Track Abilities to onboard employers, employees, and coaches, set up their individual programs, and schedule and attend meetings all through their very own, secure platform.

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