A brand new website for the largest purchasing center for retail professionals in Europe.
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Trademart, based in Brussels, is Europe's largest buying platform for retail professionals. They have a massive collection with thousands of brands in fashion, accessories, shoes, interiors, and more. They aim to be the hotspot where people from various sectors meet, get inspired, and have a great purchasing experience.

But the brand's digital experience needed to match the company's promise. That's why their website was up for a complete overhaul, visually and technically.


One of the most significant obstacles was dealing with a visual identity that still needed to be developed and tailored for digital design. This required our innovative expertise to transform the brand's essence into a captivating online experience.

The complexity of their catalogue, which features a wide range of brands and exhibitors, posed another challenge. We dedicated ourselves to creating a meticulous approach, ensuring smooth navigation and efficient search functionality. Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality became a key focus, prompting us to employ creative problem-solving and user-centric design strategy.


We started with a strategic session using story mapping to define page structures and UX patterns. To align with Trademart's brand identity and values, we explored visual styles extensively using style tiles. We prioritized efficiency and consistency, which led us to create a comprehensive design system and component library in Figma.

Our mobile-first design approach ensures a seamless and responsive user experience across different devices. We were committed to user-centricity and ensured every aspect of the design guaranteed optimal browsing experiences for all visitors.

don’t just take our word for it

“The team at Born Digital exceeded our expectations with their exceptional design and development approach. They brought our brand to life online, and the result truly reflects their commitment to excellence. We couldn't be happier with the successful collaboration.”

Kenny Desmet

Digital Manager Trademart


We accurately translated all Figma components into CSS/HTML to ensure consistency in the design system. This process resulted in a visually cohesive and user-friendly website consistent across all pages.

In addition, we integrated a comprehensive CMS in Storyblok, our solution of choice, to make content management effortless for Trademart's team. This user-friendly CMS enables easy updates and modifications, allowing for efficient website maintenance.


The final outcome reflects our dedication to excellence, taking Trademart's online presence to new levels. It's a result of a successful partnership between Born Digital and Trademart, turning their vision into reality and leaving a lasting impact on their audience.