SD Worx

A new visual identity & dynamic design system for the leading people services provider in Europe.
What we did

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Every month, millions of employees get in touch with one of the digital tools of European HR service provider SD Worx. Whether to check their payslips, book days off, or file expenses: SD Worx has them covered.

However, their iconic logo needed a dynamic graphic system and coherent visual design throughout all of their touch points. Born Digital created a new visual identity, translated it into the design for its public website, and set up a design system to unify all the SD Worx applications.


Building a new visual identity for a large enterprise with many stakeholders and touchpoints presented a considerable challenge. What made the task even more demanding was the limited creative freedom imposed by the requirement to adhere strictly to the existing color scheme and logo.

On top of that, building a design system for a multinational company means cataloging every component in meticulous detail. It's a massive undertaking that calls for a big-picture view and a focus on specifics.

We created and improved components and visual assets by setting up a deliberate process while gathering feedback from the teams applying the design system.

Visual identity

A vibrant and dynamic visual identity was devised, based on their current logo and color scheme. We created a series of fireworks using the three stripes in their logo as a basis. These Sparks are the SD Worx logo coming to life. Three colorful stripes start to move and light up the sky like fireworks.

The sparks are combined with bespoke photography and robust and timeless typography. We completed the visual identity with colorful illustrations, iconography, and a series of templates and examples (both digital and analog). A brand book was the final deliverable in this phase, documenting all the new visual elements and templates.

don’t just take our word for it

“Born Digital truly shines with its top-notch service quality. What sets them apart is how they step into our shoes, crafting designs and strategies that perfectly match our brand's goals. This commitment not only bolsters our brand but also drives its ongoing improvement. Our partnership is a natural extension of our team.”

Tania Deswelgh

Corporate Brand Manager SD Worx

Website design

We integrated our freshly developed visual identity into UI Design for SD Worx's new website. By skillfully adapting their brand elements into digital designs, we created a consistent and immersive user experience.

The result is a vibrant and cohesive design that captures SD Worx's brand essence while providing an intuitive journey for users.

Design system

After creating a new visual identity and applying it to their public website, the client's UX team was eager to adopt the improved style to all their applications. So we helped them out by creating concept designs, a complete design system in Figma, and a documented guide in Zero Height.

Our continuous design support and detailed documentation for all their products increase the system's adoption, improving the user experience and visual appearance.


Our team's work with SD Worx has been a tremendous success. We were able to revamp their visual identity, streamline all their touchpoints and improve efficiency across the board.

Our work has ignited a (no pun intended) Spark throughout the organization, enabling the company to create and communicate consistently and effortlessly.

Overall, we are proud to have positively impacted SD Worx's operations and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.