NATO Strategic Concept

A campaign website to present NATO's new strategic concept to the public.
What we did

UX & UI DesignFront-end DevelopmentCMS Integration

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NATO's Strategic Concept defines the security challenges facing the Alliance and outlines the political and military tasks that NATO will carry out to address them.

Born Digital was asked to create a sleek, modern, and on-brand campaign website to inform the public of the context, process, and events that led to the new strategic concept.


We had to create a digital identity for this campaign starting from the provided campaign visual.

Furthermore, we needed to give a technical setup that allowed NATO to create content via a Content Management System that generates static output that could be uploaded to their front-end-only servers.


We leveraged the distinct elements from the campaign visual to create a dynamic and sleek design system for the visual identity. This system provides a sleek, modern, and easy-to-read experience for visitors.

To ensure that NATO's content team had the most flexibility in content layout and the best possible content editing experience, we chose Storyblok as the Content Management System.