A revolutionary platform with playful branding for a promising software company.
What we did

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Garvis is a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with a mission to develop the world's first Bionic Demand Planning system. They empower planners with the ability to train and control transparent AI, which can navigate the constantly evolving landscape of real-world data and generate reliable and transparent plans for future demand.

Garvis hired us to create a sleek visual identity and translate it into their data-rich platform, which enables planners to make more accurate forecasts and demand planning with the help of AI.


Data tables and charts clarify the information presented and help users make insights and take action, but they can be challenging to design and build.

We translated this into a powerful AI-powered application by analyzing a planner's needs and a deep dive into spreadsheets and data-processing applications.

Visual identity

The company is named Garvis, and it has a small AI companion that assists throughout the entire platform. It's similar to Microsoft's Clippy but more modern and capable. We created a visual identity for Garvis based on this friendly little robot.

The brand's backbone comprises soft, playful colors and a solid typographic logo. Within the Garvis logo, we emphasized the power of AI. The logo's graphic elements can serve as visual confetti in all touchpoints to add a unique flair to the brand.

UI Design

We strived to create a user interface that is both clear and clean while also being functional and aligned with their modern branding. Although this can be challenging, particularly in data-heavy platforms, the result is an application we are proud of.

Our contemporary yet functional design sets us apart from the competition and ensures users have a positive experience using our platform. After we designed the initial UI and matching design system, our team assisted Garvis during their development sprints with extra designs and documentation.


Garvis revolutionized the world of demand planning software with their AI-powered platform, which helped them acquire many international clients quickly. Our distinctive branding and interface design undoubtedly contributed to the success of their product.

In September 2023, Garvis was acquired by Logility, an American company, for approximately 25 million USD. It's incredible to have played a part in launching such a successful startup, and we are thrilled for our client.