A new and improved website for a non-profit organization dedicated to upholding beef production standards.
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Belbeef, founded in 1995, is a non-profit organization in the meat processing sector. It administers the Belbeef Standard, through which the organization offers a complete certification system for Belgian beef.

However, their outdated website did not quite meet the standard for a modern and pleasant user experience. And that's where we came in.

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The biggest challenge we faced when we started this project was finding a visual style that represented Belbeef correctly. Their visual identity was non-existent (apart from the logo), so we had to develop a design language from scratch that could stand out as timeless and aesthetically pleasing in a traditional industry.

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After a round of explorations in which we proposed several style tiles, we landed on a design that matched Belbeef's aspirations. We translated this into a beautiful, responsive UI. We developed an information architecture and page templates that allow the client to tell their story engagingly.

At the core of the website's functionality lies its robust integration with the StoryBlok CMS. This strategic decision empowers Belbeef with unparalleled flexibility and autonomy over its digital assets. From streamlined content management to seamless updates, StoryBlok equips them with the tools necessary to stay agile.


In addressing Belbeef's distinct needs, we crafted and delivered a website that surpasses traditional standards. Our solution incorporates innovative features aimed at enhancing user experience to exceptional levels.

With a digital presence aligned with the strength of its certification program, Belbeef is now positioned to leave a meaningful and enduring mark on the industry for years ahead.