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Front-end Development
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Changing your visual identity and your value proposition almost always requires a new website as well. And that’s exactly why StoryMe, one of Belgium’s finest video agencies, contacted us.
They were already convinced of our design skills, but they wanted to know if we could also provide them a smooth performaning video-heavy website and a easy to use content management system. Ofcourse we could!

Of course the website of a video-first agency like StoryMe will contain a lot of videos to showcase their work and abilities. But implementing lots of videos in different ways and still maintaining high performance and a smooth user experience is not something done easily. Once the concept of the website was clear, we decided to start with creating a proof of concept in various technology stacks to determine which solution would match the performance and flexibility that StoryMe needed.

We opted for an interface design that’s based on the fluid shapes from their new visual identity. By using a scroll-hijack mechanisms, we made sure to give the video content the spotlight it deserves as well as creating fluid transitions from one component to the other.

For this project we used Craft CMS, one of our prefered CMS systems because of its incredible flexibility and easy to use interface to add and edit content. Craft also made it easy to integrate with Wistia and Hubspot, the video marketing software and CRM used by the client.

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