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A solid and easy-to-use application to monitor trucks, trains and cranes.



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UX & UI Design
Design System

Camco is a leading technology company in innovative terminal automation solutions and services. It allows its users to monitor incoming and outgoing trains, trucks and cranes from any terminal.
Camco asked for our help to optimise their application's user experience and visual design. On top of that, we set up a design system AND gave an intro to Figma so their developers can quickly adapt the screens as needed.

Combining data from different sources, for instance, highly accurate OCR technology, and displaying them in a scannable way is a challenge we're always keen on solving. We designed a set of screens that give clear overviews at a glance. Using different graphs and tables helps the user quickly compare data and find what they're looking for.

The result is a light, well-designed application with a clear and concise user interface. Expanding this application with a consistent look and feel was made possible by setting up a design system. This makes it easy for developers to use the same building blocks when they need to make changes or add new features. And they even learned how to use Figma themselves.

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